Primary Mocks 2016 Past Papers for Standard 8, Siaya County

The following is a list of the available Primary Mocks 2016 Past Papers for Standard 8, Siaya County. Click to DOWNLOAD the papers FREE of charge. We only charge 100/ for the marking scheme to meet the administration cost. composition-paper-siaya-county-exams-std-8-2016.pdf english-paper-siaya-county-mock-exams-std-8-2016.pdf insha-paper-siaya-county-mock-exams-std-8-2016.pdf kiswahili-paper-siaya-county-mocks-std-8-2016.pdf mathematics-paper-siaya-county-mock-exams-std-8-2016.pdf science-paper-siaya-county-mock-exams-std-8-2016.pdf social-studies-and-cre-paper-siaya-county-mock-exams-std-8-2016.pdf Click to ORDER your MARKING SCHEME right at the comfort […]