Primary Schools in Migori District

The following is a list of public and private primary schools in Migor District in Kenya: List of public primary schools in Migori District   Name School Type District ACHUTH PRI PUBLIC MIGORI AGENGA PRI PUBLIC MIGORI AGOLO MUOK PRY SCH PUBLIC MIGORI AGONGP PRI PUBLIC MIGORI AILA PRI SCH PUBLIC MIGORI AKALA PRI PUBLIC MIGORI […]

Secondary Schools in Migori County

The following is a list of public secondary  schools in Migori county Public secondary schools SN  Index          School 1    44707101    ST PETER’S ABWAO SEC SCHOOL – Mixed Day & Boarding 2    44707102    MIGORI SECONDARY SCHOOL – Boys Day & Boarding 3    44707103    KWA SECONDARY SCHOOL – Mixed Day & Boarding 4    44707104    KAKRAO  MIXED  SECONDARY  […]