Primary Schools in Garissa District

The following is a list of public and private primary schools in Garissa District in Kenya: List of public primary schools in Garissa District Name School Type District ABAKHAILE PRIMARY PUBLIC GARISSA AL-ABRAR PRI PUBLIC GARISSA ALANGO ARBA PRIMARY PUBLIC GARISSA AL-FAROUR BOYS PRIMARY PUBLIC GARISSA AL-FATAH  PRIMARY PUBLIC GARISSA ALIKUNE PRIMARY SCH PUBLIC GARISSA […]

Secondary Schools in Garissa County

The following is a list  of public secondary schools in Garissa County: Public secondary schools: SN  Index           School 1    45801102    NEP GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL – Girls Boarding 2    45801103    COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL – Boys Boarding 3    45801104    SANKURI SECONDARY SCHOOL – Boys Boarding 4    45801105    UMUSALAMA GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL – Girls Day 5    45801109    BOYS […]