Reading English Learner Book 1

Reading English Learner Book 1 was developed as a result of the generous financial support from DFID and USAID/Kenya. The Ministry of Education in Kenya was instrumental in directing the tireless technical efforts of the Ministry of Education, the Kenya National Examinations Council, Kenya Education Staff Institute, Kenya Institute of Special Education and the Teachers’ […]

English Teaching and Learning Stories for Grade 1

The following are English teaching and learning short stories for Grade 1. These stories are based on the requirements for the new Competency Based Curriculum in Kenya. They are also based on Tusome Early Literacy Programme. The-green-blouse-story-grade1.pdf The-new-game-story-grade1.pdf Kingi-the-farmer-story-grade1.pdf A-visit-to-grandmother-story-grade1.pdf Busy-boys-story-grade1.pdf Dora-in-the-big-city-story-grade1.pdf Halima-learns-to-count-story-grade1.pdf Juma-the-driver-story-grade1.pdf Rose-and-kelly-at-home–grade1.pdf Roy-gets-sick-story-grade1.pdf Tami-at-the-shop-story-grade1.pdf The-best-day-story-grade1.pdf The-green-blouse-story-grade1.pdf The-train-trip-story-grade1.pdf The-visit-story-grade1.pdf Walk-in-the-forest-notes-grade1 You may place […]

Primary Maths Revision Notes for Standards 7 and 8

Primary Maths Revision Notes for Standards 7 and 8 are extracted from “Primary Maths Series: Revision Guide for Standards 7, and 8″ written by Elijah Michieka and Paul Otinga. The notes are organized based standards 7 and 8 syllabus and grouped into the following  units: NUMBERS 1.1 Specific Objectives   1.2 Worked Exercise    MEASUREMENTS 2.1 Objectives    […]