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school-net-logoSchools Net Kenya [SNK] Consultancy is duly registered firm under Business Names ACT (Cap. 499. Section 14) Laws of Kenya – Reg. No. BN/2014/265153.  The consultancy is currently working in Partnership with KENPRO, Jospa Publishers, Mwonania Educational Consultancy Services (MECS) and Sustainable Education Services Consultants (SESC). The general objective of the consultancy is to provide Internet-based Educational Services to a network of  schools in Kenya. The consultancy provides electronic teaching and learning resources, teacher e-learning training, online teacher placement, school websites and systems development, school Evaluation, school strategic plans and schools networks in Kenya < Contact SNK Consultancy Team >


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Internet-based Education Solutions

E-teaching and Learning Resources:  SNK Consultancy, in partnership with   KENPRO and Jospa Publishers is engaged in publishing and providing eletronic educational resources. The members of school community (school management, teachers, students and parents) are encouraged to submit their manuscripts to SNK Consultancy Team for publishing consideration. SNK Consultancy in collaboration with Jospa Publishers also prepares and provides electronic teaching and learning to schools. These include exams, past papers, encyclopedia and schemes of work. For further inquiry, contact us.


Online School Staffing:  We at School Net Kenya – SNK Consultancy in collaboration with Mwonania Educational Consultancy Services (MECS) have been involved in staffing of schools in private sector since 2010. Through active recruitment, selection, and orientation of all TSC licensed teachers, assistant teachers, and aides, we provide leadership and support to the educational communities and childcare industry which we serve. We have been committed to assisting our valued clients by filling all of their short term, long term, and emergency staffing needs with the best individuals.


Websites and Systems Development:  We, at Schools Net Kenya (SNK) do engage in building websites  and school management systems We design dynamic web-based schools  while adhering to clients’ unique needs. We design, develop and implement customized systems with integrated online solutions that focus on brand awareness, audience development and customer retention. For the sake of affordability, SNK brings the costs of web designing down by having a common website hosting portal for schools. Schools are also at liberty to have an independent domain provided they are willing to meet the extra cost.


School Evaluation:  Schools Net Kenya is ideally positioned to carry out the comprehensive evaluation study to assess school’s performance.  SNK evaluation process identifies areas needing organizational improvement to support school revitalization and sustainability. In conducting school evaluation, SNK makes use of the following approaches: Focus group discussion with students, Interview method with key informants (school’s board members), Questionnaire  for teachers, Document Analysis and Observation method.


Strategic Plans:  There are many approaches to strategic planning. School Net Kenya- SNK employs the classical approach which mainly constitutes a number of components: Introduction – This constitutes Sector Review, Basis of the strategy, Vision statement, Mission Statement, Core Values, Mandate of the Board, Achievement and Strategic Issues; Situation Analysis – This includes Stakeholders analysis, SWOT and PESTLE analysis in the light of the strategic plan; Strategic Goals and Objectives, Resource Mobilization Review and Monitoring and Evaluation.


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