Standard 1 End Term 1 Exams 2016

The following is a list of  Standard 1 End Term  1 Exams, 2016. Click to ORDER the Exam papers . We charge only 100/ per set per class. Subjects Size english-class-1-end-term-1-2016.pdf 594K ire-class-1-end-term-1-2016.pdf 261K kiswahili-class-1-end-term-1-2016.pdf 704K mathematics-class-1-end-term-1-2016.pdf 554K reading-kusoma-class-1-end-term-1-2016.pdf 282K science-class-1-end-term-1-2016.pdf 837K social-studies-class-1-end-term-1-2016.pdf 873K   Click to ORDER the Exams right at the comfort of your […]