Evaluation Approaches:

Schools Net Kenya is ideally positioned to carry out the comprehensive evaluation study to assess school’s performance.  Our evaluation process identifies areas needing organizational improvement to support school revitalization and sustainability.

To establish a clear picture of your school’s performance against established benchmarks, and to determine areas of priority that your school needs to focus on, SNK makes use of the following approaches:

  • Focus group discussion with students,
  • Interview method with key informants (school’s board members)
  • Questionnaire  for teachers,
  • Document Analysis and
  • Observation method

Evaluation Betchmarks: 

Our evaluation process focuses on the following critical benchmarks for effective school performance:

  • Strategic plan;
  • School’s vision, mission, core values, educational philosophy;
  • Board Governance and  Administrative leadership ;
  • Bylaws and constitution;
  • Physical plant and grounds;
  • Financial plan;
  • Development and fundraising;
  • Curriculum and programming;
  • Crisis management;
  • Staff evaluation systems, contracts, compensation, and professional development;
  • Tuition, bursaries, and financial aid;
  • Potocol and reporting systems;
  • Marketing and communications;
  • Admissions, recruiting, and retention systems;
  • School Climate.

Summative Report and Action Plans:

Following our evaluation, we develop a customized strategic report  identifying areas that need immediate focus and ‘roll-out’, strategies, and action plan to enhance schools’ overall development.

We provide a presentation to the appropriate stakeholders  (mainly the board and the administrative school leaders). The final report prioritizes steps for improvement based on the outlined benchmarks.