Information Technology

Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology (IT) remains the lifeblood of forward-thinking organizations. The application of  IT concepts has become a subject of fundamental importance to organizations and indeed a prerequisite for local and global competitiveness. Well aware of this fact, SNK Consultancy is deeply engaged in building upcoming organization “IT wise”. This involves undertaking the following activities:

Web Designing:
We are engaged in building websites for individuals and organizations. We design both static and dynamic websites while adhering to clients’ unique needs. A dynamic website uses a database to generate data or information, depending on the user’s request. Typically, these kinds of pages need more time to design and develop, but they are beneficial for website visitors. Static website on the other hand generally provides information and does not interact with the host server as such.

For information about our web designing options:

DOWNLOAD: website designing and hosting proposal


Graphic Designing:
This is geared towards building corporate identity of the organization in question or even an individual. Graphic designing embraces the following:

  1. Designing logos
  2. Letter heads
  3. Brochures
  4. Prospectus
  5. Magazines
  6. Banners
  7. Receipts
  8. Posters
  9. Cards etc.

Computer Maintenance
We offer computer maintenance and troubleshooting services. This involves the following:
a) Formatting of computer
b) Installation of Operating Systems (Windows and Linux)
c) Installation of Software
d) Removing of notorious Virus (e.g. autorun and other Malwares)
e) Networking

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