Education Research


SNK Consultancy provides support in education research to students of research, practitioners, institutions and organizations. The consultancy provides proposal writing support and data coding and analysis.


In Proposal Writing, SNK engages in the following:
» Offering guidance on identification of research problem,
» Gathering resources for building the background to the study,
» Guidance on research objectives/questions/hypotheses,
» Providing support in statement of research problem,
» Guidance on conceptual and theoretical frameworks.
» Gathering resources for literature review (journals, study reports etc),
» Developing research design and methodology,
» Designing Data Collection Instruments,
» Reviewing proposals based on reviewers’ comments.


In Data Coding and Analysis, SNK engages in the following:
» Data Coding and Analysis with the help of Statistical Applications such as SPSS, EViews, Nvivo among others,
» Statistical Analysis: Descriptive and Inferential analysis using either Quantitative and Qualitative or both approaches.

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