Test Papers for Nursery, Mid Term 1, 2016

The following is a list of Test Papers for Nursery, Term 1, 2016. Click to download the test papers. We charge 100/= only per set. Test Paper Size creative-reading-nursery-term-1-2016.pdf 267K kiswahili-test-paper-term-1-nursery-2016.pdf 277K language-nursery-term-1-2016.pdf 237K number-work-nursery-term-1-2016.pdf 261K reading-kusoma-nursery-term-1-2016.pdf 261K science-activities-nursery-term-1-2016.pdf 303K social-religious-activity-nursery-term-1-2016.pdf 261K Sample test Paper Reading To DOWNLOAD any of these Test Papers for Nursery, click […]

Nursery School Revision Papers 2015

  In nursery school in Kenya, learners take a total number of 6 subjects. This page consists of all the six nursery school revision past papers for term 1, 2015. Click any of the following links for Free Access  of Term 1 Revision Papers: creative-nursery-revision-paper1-2015.pdf environmental-nursery-revision-paper1-2015.pdf kiswahili-nursery-revision-paper1-2015.pdf language-nursery-revision-paper1-2015.pdf number-work-nursery-revision-paper1-2015.pdf reading-nursery-revision-paper1-2015.pdf For any inquiry about other teaching […]